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Krishnamurti: Do you know anything about meditation?

Student: No, Sir.

Krishnamurti: But the older people do not know either. They sit in a corner, close their eyes and concentrate, like school boys trying to concentrate on a book. That is not meditation. Meditation is something extraordinary, if you know how to do it. I am going to talk a little about it. First of all, sit very quietly; do not force yourself to sit quietly, but sit or lie down quietly without force of any kind. Do you understand? Then watch your thinking. Watch what you are thinking about. You find you are thinking about your shoes, your saris, what you are going to say, the bird outside to which you listen; follow such thoughts and enquire why each thought arises.

Krishnamurti | How To Meditate

My heart’s awash in waves of love:
they’re radiating out to heal the world

Diane Walker | Contemplative Photography

Perhaps the most shared characteristic among all of us walking on the planet is fear.

Michael Bianco-Splann | Intent Blog

Let’s state what the last few weeks should have made obvious: For all the bloviating the overwhelming majority of Congressmen and Senators really don’t know what they are doing when it comes to healthcare. They don’t understand population health or public health issues or patient needs. They don’t understand insurance. And they don’t understand economics.

Michael Liss | 3QuarksDaily.com

My story begins in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, I had just graduated from high school and I had the whole world ahead of me. Nevertheless, I had no direction; I was lost with no real sense of self. Then one day, my best friend suggested we celebrate our graduation by going on a camping trip.

Sam M | The Change Blog

Remember that nothing comes from outside of the mind. The mind includes everything; this is the true understanding of the mind.Jules Shuzen Harris | Lion’s Roar

Coman has two suggestions from his findings. The first is directed at the justice system. In some US states, jurors are forbidden to take notes made during a trial into the deliberation room — a legacy of historically high illiteracy rates and a belief that the group remembers more reliably than the individual. In fact, says Coman, using notes could protect jurors from retrieval-induced biases and group-level social influences. His group is hoping to explore the impact of such rules in more depth.

Laura Spinney | Nature

Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards..

Robert Heinlein

My guess is that most people have this instinctive tendency of tightening the body and tensing the mind when focusing their attention on something. This instinct is generally not helpful in meditation. I have a feeling quite a few people suffer from this when meditating.

Some effort is needed in the beginning but as much as possible, focus by relaxing into the point of focus (your breath for instance). Ease into clear sharp focus rather than tense and fight your way into it.

When distracted, simply ease back into focus again. Disturbing distractions are like flying stones. They damage only when there is something hard to strike on. If there is nothing to obstruct their path, they just fly on past. So when meditating, as much as possible, ease and relax into focus. Trying to focus by tightening and tensing yourself only obstructs the stones and makes it easier for them to hit you.

chintokkong | Reddit.com

There’s an old Zen saying: the whole world’s upside down. In other words, the way the world looks from the ordinary or conventional point of view is pretty much the opposite of the way the world actually is.

Norman Fisher | Lion’s Roar

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