The way of yang

The closest the universe ever came to pure yang, according to this thinking, would be that little speck of matter whose explosion created the Big Bang. That is what happened at the end of a great universal crunch, where yang predominated. At the extremes yin becomes yang and yang becomes yin. The Big Bang began a period of universal expansion, of yin predominance. And when a point of extreme yinness is reached, we can expect a reversal, another Big Crunch, leading to another Big Bang and the cycle goes on forever. But how would we have a crunch if matter is disippating as the universe is expanding and therefore the pull of gravity is getting weaker and weaker? Don't forget that I am arguing from a yin/yang perspective, not a gravity/ thermodynamic perspective. Yes, the universe in general is expanding, but there are black holes that are vortexes of extreme yang that are pulling matter into them. Yang doesn't grow in size. It contracts and grows in strength. So as the universe, in general, becomes more dispersed, there are black holes that are becoming not bigger but more powerful. The crunch will happen when the black holes reach enough strength, enough yang intensity, to collapse into each other and then to suck back the universe. Michio Kushi, The Kushi Institute

Listen to your soul

Sam: Why didn’t you just become a student of Tolle’s?

Dan: I think that Eckhart Tolle is correct, but not useful. I’m stealing that distinction from the meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg. I think his diagnosis is correct, but he doesn’t give you anything to do about it, at least that I could ascertain. He has sold millions of books about “spiritual awakening.” If he were truly useful, we should have a reasonable population of awakened people walking around, and I’m just not seeing them. I found Tolle to be both extraordinarily interesting and extraordinarily frustrating. The lack of any concrete advice was really the source of my frustration, alongside the aforementioned weirdness. I think Tolle deserves credit for articulating a truth of the human condition extremely well. But I also think that it’s a legitimate criticism to say he doesn’t give you anything to do about it.

[Sam Harris and Dan Harris]


  1. I linked over and read the full article by Sam and Dan Harris. Quite interesting. I am not a big Tolle fan myself, for some of the same reasons, and others.

    There is a man by the name of Richard Moss who wrote The Mandala of Being: Discovering the Power of Awareness; Practices and Guidelines for Living Completely in the NOW, which *is* the power of Awareness. Although I am not into methods and techniques, I found it very helpful, and it would complement Tolle’s book, The Power of Now.

    Awareness really is the “secret” of being in the Now – which I think the Harris interview also mentions. They also mentioned practicing mindfulness meditation as a way of being in the NOW. But what seems to get lost in any discussion of the NOW is that it is the “Eternal Now”, not a moment *in* time. The “Eternal Now”, which is timeless, swallows up the past, *present moment*, and future. By actually becoming *aware* of our True Being, our Eternal Being, we are then in the “Eternal NOW” – moment to moment – because the “present moment”, or the NOW, is always changing into the past from one moment to the next. It is easy to get caught in these conundrums about the NOW/present moment. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your insights. I am not sure to understand the difference between the eternal now and the present moment although it would be for me like a timeless experience. No time would be involved or just perceived and at the same time (¡ironically!), it could be said that the time had expanded. There would be no past, present or future, unable to distinguish them.

    I have just downloaded Moss’s books from my scribd account. Thanks for pointing it.

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