The unsatisfied philosopher

Philosophy is an intellectual pleasure for most of us who study it, of course, and it would be transparently false to deny that that’s a main reason for doing so. But it’s not the only one. For me, the continuing value of philosophy is that it alone is able to find truth at the highest and widest level – truth about the basic and fundamental questions which we usually take as settled, but about which we may turn out to be wrong. For truth about many of these questions, people typically turn – rightly – either to natural science or to the traditions we call “religious”, sometimes separately but often enough in some combination.

Amod Lele

It surprises me that for some people-maybe for too many-, it is not necessary to wonder about life. Not questions about the future, but rather about the reasons why we are here. Amod treats about these, but I have my doubts about the idea of philosophy as a way to search for ‘the truth’. I suspect it has more to do with our concerns and the need of peace reacting to the internal litany. In another way, our hunger for answers covers the possible truth we can find: the unsatisfied philosopher .

the_unsatisfied_philosopherInspired in an image of Axel-D on flickr

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