The moment

The interesting thing about this work is that we don’t really do anything for them. If we tried, I think we would fail miserably. Instead we invite them to do something radically new for themselves, namely to experiment with living intentionally from moment to moment. When I was talking to a reporter, she said, “Oh, you mean to live for the moment:” I said “No, it isn’t that. That has a hedonistic ring to it. I mean to live in the moment.

Jon Kabat-Zinn in Full Catastrophe Living

goodbye the day by linh.ngan, on FlickrImage by linh.ngan on flickr

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  1. La vida es lo que es, no como quisiera que fuera. Cuando acepto vivir “en el momento presente” y “estoy en èl” es cuando encuentro la paz interior. Gracias.

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