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New economy

Everybody wants to know when the economy can reopen. In one sense, that’s the wrong question. The economy isn’t “closed.” Many essential businesses are still open. People still buy and sell things. Those sitting at home still engage in economic activity. But it is of a different nature, and the change creates costs.

So what we’re really asking is when the previously normal economy will be back. The answer is “never,” I’m afraid. We will return to something quite different and  as yet unknown.

John Mauldin

Viral Thoughts (mindmap)


Learn to manage your attention | Quart at Work

MindMap based on ‘Learn to Manage Your Attention’ by Srivinas Rao | Quatz at Wrok


How the blockchain is redefining trust | Wired

blockchain trust accounting credit banking foreign exchange ledger mediators

Mindmap based on How Blockchain Is Redefining Trust by Rachel Botsman | Wired

Flow and the Psychology of Peak Performance

Flow and the Psychology of Peak Performance | Heleo

peak flow meditation fear distractions focus breathing fitness diet

Mindmap based on Flow and the Psychology of Peak Performance | Heleo


mindmap about confidence


Alphan Maina1 tries to explain what confidence is and how to improve ours every day.