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That’s why it’s a monkey

I was traveling in the mystic land of the Himalayas in India. From the mystic teachers to the scenic beauty, everything was utterly gorgeous. We were on our way to the river Ganges and got stuck in traffic. I came out of the car to get some fresh air and saw a female monkey holding a dead baby monkey in her mouth. As torturous as it was to see the painful view, I just couldn’t resist to follow her for the next few moments. I saw she was holding to the baby monkey as if it was fully alive. She wouldn’t let it go, jumping from one branch of the tree to another.

I came back to the car and shared the experience with the driver, who was native of the town. He explained that it’s very tough for a monkey to let go of her child. The realization that her child is no more doesn’t sink in for a very long time. It’s only after the bones start to come out of the rotten skin that the monkey finally releases the body. The driver wrapped the conversation by saying, “Tabhi toh yeh bandar hai” which means, “That’s why it’s a monkey” pointing out the lack of wisdom in the animal. I said nothing and delved deeper into my thoughts, analyzing the situation again and again.

Chandresh Bhardwaj

Young chimpanzee looking above by Tambako the Jaguar, on FlickrImage by Tambako the Jaguar on flickr


Accord­ing to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, trea­sur­ing our divin­i­ty means being in a con­stant state of appre­ci­a­tion. Dyer pro­fess­es that it is in this state that we train our­selves to look for things to be joy­ful about, happy about and grate­ful for. When I am steeped in grat­i­tude, life seems so much sim­pler. I am not over­whelmed with things I wish were dif­fer­ent. I am not view­ing the world from a lens of lack. I am not drown­ing in self-pity or sor­row. I am abun­dant­ly aware of the bless­ings in my life. I am full of… I am just full. It’s such a delight­ful way of being. I offer you this humbly. Grat­i­tude. It’s a prac­tice worth engag­ing. It’s the prac­tice of look­ing for the beau­ty around you at all times. It’s so ful­fill­ing and enrich­ing. Give it a try.

Rebecca Butler in  A Blessed Life: Practicing Gratitude in the Face of Robbery

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