The zoopraxiscope--Athletes--Boxing (LOC)The remembered thinking self is like the string that holds together the pearls of our experiences. The pearls and the string together form the story of our lives—what we think and feel and who we are. We base all our choices on this life story, but our life story is not always the best basis for decision making. The way that we remember our experiences is very different than the active process of experiencing—our minds create illusions that impact how we remember experiences.

Kay Peterson | How You Learn Is How You Live: Using Nine Ways of Learning to Transform Your Life

Humid Flight

DesertWhen you’re flying, the cold air sucked into an airplane at 30,000 feet keeps everyone alive, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of moisture in it. An hour of breathing it in leaves most people’s mouths feeling as dry as a popcorn fart.

Seamus Bellamy


Image from page 92 of "Histoire des ballons et des aéronautes célèbres ..." (1887)Being a parent means living in a state of total responsibility. When you gaze upon your beautiful baby, you do so with the understanding that for the next decade-and-a-half, at minimum, it will be your job to know where this small, wondrous person you’ve made is, every minute of every day, without exception. There are moments when this overwhelms me, where I long to just sit in a café and sip a cup of coffee, or go see a movie without asking anyone, without making arrangements.

But not lately. These days it feels like an enormous privilege to know exactly where my children are.

Annaliese Griffin


body-mind -litWith art on her mind, Vatti began noticing that pieces on the walls of restaurants and offices never changed. “I thought to myself that if these places could rent art works rather than buy them, then, with very little cost, they can keep changing the look and feel of their establishments without committing to one single art work,” she said.

Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri


Anthropomorphic mask Igbo or Idoma culture, Nigeria 20th century Wood, textile, pigments. Light colored female face with sculptural details, eyebrows, eyes, ears, scars are outlined in black. The open mouth reveals a row of tightly packed teeth. ScarifiWe all mask our feelings a lot, quite often from ourselves.

Robin Hanson