It was 2008, after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. Markets were in turmoil. Banks were failing left and right. I worked at a major investment bank, and while I didn’t think the disastrous deal I’d done would cause its collapse, my losses were quickly decimating its commodities profits for the year, along with the potential pay of my more profitable colleagues. I thought my career could be over. I’d already started to feel those other traders and salespeople keeping their distance, as if I’d contracted a disease.
Bob Henderson

Insect of the month

For centuries, some of the greatest minds in science, from Charles Darwin to E.O. Wilson, have drawn inspiration from studying some of the smallest minds on Earth. Well, why is that? What is that keeps us coming back to insects? Some of it, of course, is just the sheer magnitude of almost everything about them. They’re more numerous than any other kind of animal. We don’t even know how many species of insects there are, because new ones are being discovered all the time. There are at least a million, maybe as many as 10 million. This means that you could have an insect-of-the-month calendar and not have to reuse a species for over 80,000 years.

Marlene Zuk

A mind state

Reality always filters into the mind through the lens of our senses. Your connection to reality is probably the same as it ever was. You were just paying more attention.
It’s kind of like that whole “depressed people see less vivid color” things. I tend to think they see less vivid colors because they are paying much less attention to the experience of color and much more attention to the thoughts that drive them to depression.
Or like how if you really are into something (say a fireworks show as a kid) the colors and things you see from truly devoted attention can leave lasting impressions of color throughout our life. Meditation is the process of controlling mind-states (attention is a mind state). So meditation is the best (non-chemically-induced or -dependent) way of attaining these immersive experiences.

Temper4Temper in Reddit

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