These days, Miller is taking on another piece of dogma — that neurons primarily communicate by electrical spikes. In recent papers, Miller argues that there’s still a lot to learn from the intermittent electrical currents called oscillations, or brain waves.  

When we hold an item in working memory, these oscillations move through brain circuits in waves that rise and fall scores of times. These oscillations, he argues, are how the prefrontal cortex — that mental “switch operator” — stores several items on the cusp of our awareness in working memory, so we can pull them into our conscious minds as needed.

Adam Piore


Ajhan Sumedho 1 narrates his feelings when he met his parents. He was 55 and he felt like a teenager. Nothing strange about it, don’t you think?

We are immersed in the trials of no change, of permanence, and the same time we try to change everything. We should begin by observing , not grasping. Be yourself… unless you are with your parents. Let them be themselves. It’s cheaper than going to psychiatrist.


John Wellwood 1 refers to meditation as a way of helping to open the heart. Buddhism uses then term ‘Chitta’ to englobe mind and heart (not involved with sentiments) than connects to reality, flowing through it. We can use meditation to clarify and clear the perception of our being.

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