Sunrising South CarolinaLast year, the New York Times called sleep the “new status symbol.” I’m not sure I accept the idea of a good night’s rest as a status symbol—although I suppose the resulting glowing skin, high-functioning metabolism, and sharp mind may raise one’s standing. But done right, sleep is certainly the ultimate luxury.

Jenni Avins


Would you mind explaining what you mean by lying?

Lying is thinking or speaking about things that one does not know; this is the beginning of lying. It does not mean intentional lying—telling tories, as for instance that there is a bear in the other room. You can go to the other room and see that there is no bear in it. But if you collect all the theories that people put forward on any given subject, without knowing anything about it, you will see where lying begins. Man does not know himself, he does not know anything, yet he has theories about everything. Most of these theories are lying.

P. D. Ouspensky | The Fourth Way

Image by Lều Trung Hiếu @

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