Being attentive to what’s going on around us and where we fit in is indeed an element of our basic mindfulness.

Barry Choice


Lone tree Lake Wanaka. NZWhat is the earliest event that you can remember? How old do you think you are in this memory? How do you experience the memory? Is it vivid or vague? Positive or negative? Are you re-experiencing the memory as it originally happened, through your own eyes, or are you watching yourself “acting” in the memory?

Lucy V Justice, Martin Conway & Shazia Akhtar

Inner voice

Autunno in Lombardia, Autumn in LombardyWith inner speech clearly established as a chisel for the young mind, many more questions remained. Do people in adulthood experience inner speech in the same way as children – or even as each other? Do most of us even have an inner voice – an internal commentator narrating our lives and experiences from one moment to the next?

Philip Jaekl


TreeThink of your loneliness as an opportunity
To tenderly cradle and gently reassure
the anxious and vulnerable
Elements of your own soul.

Diane Walker


Russell Lupins in Lake Tekapo.NZNo mud, no lotus.

Thich Nhat Hanh