A little bourbon

“Damn. Bet she had deer,” Marino said as we wandered around back. “Something, huh? You look out your windows, think you got the world to yourself. Bet the view’s something when it snows. Me, I’d love a crib like this. Build a nice fire in the winter, pour yourself a little bourbon, and just look out at the woods. Must be nice to be rich.”

“Especially if you’re alive to enjoy it.”

Patricia Cornwell | Body of Evidence

A stupid saint

Without conscience, I am sure everything else, however promising, leads to a dead end. At the same time, when one gets away from one’s own immediate duties and decisions, conscience is not enough. It cannot explain the larger world, nor even show how to understand it. A man who tries to apply his feeling of conscience, even supposing it is genuine, to the world, becomes what Ouspensky used to call a ‘stupid saint’. For the larger world and all that goes on in it, cannot be judged on the basis of personal right and wrong. It is much too complicated for that.

Rodney Collin | The Theory of Conscious Harmony


Money can’t buy eternity, but it can buy a certain degree of security.

Patricia Cornwell | Body of Evidence


Because it means that many things are classed as evil which are not truly criminal, but only natural growth or natural destructionwhile others must be classed as good which do not belong to regeneration (the only real good from our point of view) but perhaps to healing or refinement.

Rodney Collin | The Theory of Conscious Harmony

One thing

Focus is a form of simplicity. It’s letting go of everything that you might possibly want, to give complete focus on one important thing.

Leo Babauta