Old trends

For many centuries, Asia was both the center of the world’s textile production and the source of its fashion trends. India, in particular, was responsible for the largest share of textile production and for much of the finest kinds of cloth. Indian manufacturers had sophisticated methods for weaving cotton into light, breathable textiles, and vibrant, long-lasting dyes that gave these fabrics dazzling colors.

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One face

We all have at least one face. And we all want others to have a face … molded to our caprice. When it is not possible, we ignore them or forget them … until we see the face that we appreciate. Do not forget to put your face on before going to sleep and changing it when you wake up in the morning.

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One illness, multiple causes

For many people, keeping well doesn’t involve taking good advice. After decades of public health campaigns in favor of low-fat diets, moderate exercise, and stress management, it’s still hard to get Americans to comply.  As a society, we are so sold on drugs and surgery as the answer to illness that many of us only register two states of health: Either you are sick or you’re not sick. In the first case, you go to the doctor’s, who is expected to fix you. Deepak Chopra

One meaning, multiple expressions

Fundamentally, language or form of expression is divided according as it appeals to one or another of man’s functions, familiar or potential. For example, a certain idea may be expressed in philosophical or in scientific language, to appeal to man’s intellectual function; it may be expressed in religious or poetic language to appeal to his emotional function; it may be expressed in ritual or in dances to appeal to his motor function; it may even be expressed in scents or in physical postures to appeal to his instinctive physiology.

Rodney Collin in The Theory Of Celestial Influence

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

… have him do those things. when he is focused on those things, he is meditating. help him realize this. when fully engaged in an activity, this is called mindfulness, which is the definition of meditation. this is an active meditation. when you keep mindfulness while breathing or whatever, this is what is usually referred to as sitting meditation.

have him recognize that he is being mindful during these activities, when he is in the moment, and no thoughts come up, and he plays basketball or whatever the activity is. help him become familiar with this feeling. as he pays attention to it during the activity, he will automatically become able to begin to reproduce it while sitting or whatever in small amounts. after that, its just practicing it so the sensation will last longer.

most importantly get across that there is no goal of meditation. if he struggles with increasing the length of the mindful period, thats ok. the goal is not to make the practice longer. the goal is the practice itself. it gets longer and easier as a byproduct. if you meditate with the intention of a goal of any sort other than to meditate, you will only run into frustration because you feel you “arent doing it well enough”. this is a common beginner problem.

its like when you listen to a song. you dont listen to a song to get to the end, you listen to the song to hear whatever part is playing at the moment. mindfulness essentially is when you view the activity at hand and eventually all experience in this way. except you dont “view” it that way, you just do it. since he is into drums, i would start there. i find that the music comparison is the easiest for helping people grasp this.

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