NeutrinoYoga is a way to connect to your soul. The irony is that it starts doing it through the body and breath. It is like stepping into the depths of the earth to watch the sky. Physicists do the same thing for neutrinos. They build large pools in deep and remote locations trying to catch them. It seems absurd but neutrino dislikes relationships.
The mind, however, is social by nature. The chatter becomes the landscape and ends up dominating the kingdom until we forget that we have a soul and we need a microscope to look for it  … to no avail. Neutrinos like swimming in pools, as we into silence.

The danger of yoga


The new censorship

IN HER BOOK, Extraordinary Knowing, Dr. Elizabeth LLoyd Master, a well-respected psychoanalyst, speaks about coming to know something in nontraditional way and the discomfort she felt whe telling other of the experience at a a meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association, it turned out that most of them had had similar events. Despite reporting that the experiences had touched them deeply, they had not spoken to others about their knowing.

She says, “We suffer from an underlying cultural disinclination for publicy acknowledging certain highly subjective, highly personal experiences.”

Barbara Brodsky in Cosmic Healing:  A Spiritual Journey with Aaron and John of God

Orange is blue

Acting thoughts

The art of listening

New Ethics

Google also now has a general rule that its AI will not cause harm, but that principle comes with the caveat that the company would proceed to make an AI system that may cause harm if it believed the benefit outweighed the risks. It’s easy to see this in applications like self-driving cars, which could theoretically kill.

Dave Gershgorn

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