Lies and true lies

Lying is forbidden in the classical ethics of Buddhism, and in the Indian spiritual traditions generally. There are subtle discussions on whether mere silence can be a lie, and also whether a formally correct statement is a lie when it is known that it will be misunderstood.

Trevor Leggett

 UntitledImage by Richard Droker on flickr


ListenLove is a cloying word. And as a verb implies action. Love is a concept. Being loved is  passive.

Too much trouble. Linda Newlin has got it much more clear. I read her article this afternoon and in the evening I came across with the movie Pretty Woman. And it’s always nice to see Julia Roberts. In one of the stops for publicity, I started with the laptop and the bookmark of Newlin’s article magically appeared. Minutes later I heard Richard Gere saying in the film:

but I want you to understand…

I heard everything you said.

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