Fathers and sons

Metalogue: How Much Do You Know?
Daugther: Daddy, how much do you know?
Father: Me? Hmmm-I have about a pound of knowledge.
Daugther: Don’t be silly. It is a pound sterling or a pound weight? I mean really how much do you know?
Father: Well, my brain weights about two pounds and I suppose I use a quarter of it-or use it about a quarter efficiency. So let’s say half a pound.
Daugther: But do you know more than Johnny’s daddy? Do you know more than I do?
Father: Hmm-I once knew a little boy in England who asked his father, “Do fathers always know more than sons?” and the fathers said, “Yes.” The next question was, “Daddy, who invented the the steam engine?” and the father said, “James Watt.” And then the son came back with “-but why didn’t James Watt’s father invent it?

Gregory Bateson in Steps to an Ecology of Mind [Google Books] (Page 21) (The University of Chicago Press)

 I like a lot this fragment from Bateson’s book. Do our logic improves through age?

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The fear of living

In trying to give governments a more accurate picture of crime and fear, Gallup scientists found one survey question that gets to the heart of the matter: “Do you feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where you live?” The answer to that single question tells leaders almost everything they need to know about their citizens’ sense of safety. People who feel unsafe are preoccupied to the point that their well-being deteriorates. Over time, fear worsens how their entire lives will turn out.

Deepak Chopra


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Feeling guilty

The problem with this epiphany was that it was occurring within me, but not within my husband. How could I expect otherwise, after all I was the one who was changing. In relationships we all paddle through life in separate canoes in hopes that through communication, compromise and concentration we can maintain the same direction. My husband’s canoe was veering off in a very different direction.

We floated along this very way for quite some time, somehow keeping our canoes close enough to maintain our relationship. We continued to spend our weekends with friends and I continued to feel guilty, trying to maintain my exercise regime, clean eating and hobbies. It was a vicious cycle, one that I wanted to change, but wasn’t quite sure how.

Tina Williamson

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