Deception on the Internet is Nothing New and it’s Getting Worse

We’re just digesting and analyzing the impact to the nation of being exposed to untruthful news stories. (Note: I’m following Dan Gillmor’s advice and not using Fake News because that term has been hijacked by Donald Trump to refer to news he disagrees with.) And while this may be the most severe example of being misled by the Internet, it’s certainly not the only. In fact, the Internet is filled with cases whose sole purpose is to trick and deceive us under the guise of offering useful information.

Phil Baker

Source: Deception on the Internet is Nothing New and it’s Getting Worse – Tech.pinions

A deep understanding

The poet in us can be seen at both the beginning and the end of a life. Everybody knows a child can come up with a rhyme, a song, a poem that will delight us. At the same time, the old priest on his deathbed will write a poem, his last act. The most refined and accomplished people will express their deepest understanding in a poem—and the absolute beginner will not hesitate to try to express a transient transcendent moment. There is no sure way to predict which poem will be better than the other

Gary Snyder

Forêt enneigé de lumière... pignon ni by Denis Collette...!!!, on FlickrImage by Denis Collette…!!! on flickr

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