One of the many distinctions between the celebrity and the hero is that one lives only for self while the other acts to redeem society.

Joseph CampbellThe Power Of Myth



Cells have been characterized and classified with increasing precision since Robert Hooke first identified them under the microscope in the seventeenth century. But biologists have not yet determined all the molecular constituents of cells, nor have they established how all these constituents are associated with each other in tissues, systems and organs. As a result, there are many cell types we don’t know about. We also don’t know how all the cells in the body change from one state to another, which other cells they interact with or how they are altered during development.

Orit Rozenblatt-Rosen, Michael J. T. Stubbington, Aviv Regev & Sarah A. Teichmann | Nature


In most parts of the world, there is currently no price on carbon. That means there is no financial incentive to cut CO2 emissions. Cement makers, though, comprise some of the world’s largest companies, where some of the smartest investors put their money, and are also some of the world’s biggest greenhouse-gas emitters. As a result, they’re now facing investor pressure to cut their emissions and show their factories won’t become stranded assets in the future.

Akshat Rathi | Quartz

The center

It was an early observation of Jung’s—later developed into theoretical propositions—that the psyche consists of many parts and centers of consciousness. In this inner universe, there is not simply one planet, but an entire solar system and more. One can speak of people as having a personality, but in fact this is made up of a cluster of subpersonalities.

Murray Stein in Jung's Map of the Soul: An Introduction

We have an endless stream of thoughts and emotions, uncontrolled movements and also controlled movements, sexual desires, genius ideas and morbid ideas. An ‘endless parade of unconscious babble’ that races constantly thru our minds when we are not focused on something else other than ourselves. Most neurotic behavior we experience is quite often just an over-consumption of ourselves, and our own little parades.

In the work, we say we have many ‘I’s. Every thought, emotion or feeling is an ‘I’. Many thoughts and emotions are complex groups of ‘I’s. We may have completely opposing groups of ‘I’s that don’t even acknowledge each other. Thus explaining the phenomena of how we sometimes contradict our own selves. In work discussions, it is not uncommon to hear a student start a conversation by saying, “I have an ‘I’ that thinks such and such.”

There is much to gain from this understanding. The most immediate advantage of knowing about man’s dividedness is that it immediately explains why man makes the mistakes and has the misperceptions he does about himself and almost everything around him. To apply this concept to one’s life, is to see a thousand personal instances where our own dividedness has misled us or confused us or discredited us in front of others. To have control over, at least some of this dividedness, can only bring us good fortune.

M. P. Taylor in The Balance of Being

George Gurdjieff used to say that man is a crowd. Personality is just a deception because you are not a person, you are many persons. So when one person speaks in you, that is a momentary center. The next moment there is another. With every moment, with every atomic situation, you feel certain, and you never become aware that you are just a flux – many waves without any center. Then in the end you will feel that life has been just a wastage. It is bound to be. There is just a wastage, just a wandering – purposeless, meaningless.

Tantra, yoga, religion… their basic concern is how first to discover the center, how first to be an individual. They are concerned with how to find the center which persists in every situation. Then, as life goes on moving without, as the flux of life goes on and on, as waves come and go, the center persists inside. Then you remain one – rooted, centered.

Osho in The Book of Secrets




Chakras are pools of spiraling energy in our bodies. There are seven chakras that go up the body. Each pool of energy has a purpose, and can be blocked by a specific kind of emotional mark. Be warned: opening the chakras is an intense experience, and once you begin this process, you can not stop until all seven are open.

  • The first chakra is the Earth chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival, and is blocked by fear. What are you most afraid of? Let your fears become clear to you. You are concerned about your survival, but you must surrender those fears. Let your fears flow down the creek.
  • Next is the Water chakra. This chakra deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt. Look at all the guilt that burdens you so. What do you blame yourself for? Now accept the reality that these things happened. But do not let them cloud and poison your energy. If you are to be a positive influence on the world, you need to forgive yourself.
  • Third is the Fire chakra, located in the stomach. This chakra deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame. What are you ashamed of? What are your biggest disappointments in yourself? You will never find balance if you deny this part of your life.
  • The fourth chakra is located in the Heart. It deals with love and is blocked by grief. Lay all your grief out in front of you. Love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us. A love of your lost ones has not left this world, it is still inside of your heart; and it is reborn in a form of new love. Let it flow through you.
  • The fifth in the chain is the Sound chakra, located in the throat. It deals with the truth, and is blocked by lies, the ones we tell ourselves. You can not lie about your own nature. You must accept yourself as you are.
  • The sixth pool of energy is the Light chakra, located in the center of the forehead. It deals with insight, and is blocked by illusion. The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same. We are all one people, but we live as if divided. We are all connected, and everything is connected. Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one; four parts of the same whole. Even metal is just a part of earth that has been purified and refined.
  • The final chakra is Thought chakra and is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment. Once you open this chakra, you will be able to go in the state of mind where you will have complete control and awareness of all your actions. Meditate on what attaches you to this world. Now, let all of those attachments go, let them flow down the river; forgotten. You must learn to let go, otherwise you won’t be able to let the pure cosmic energy flow in from the Universe.

Lessons from the Guru in Avatar: The Last Airbender Posted by MadHatter6 in Reddit

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