Ironically, though, the more capable the individual devices become, the more frustrating are the challenges that come with not having them work together more effectively. In the past, all the serious work only happened on PCs, so that was the only logical choice for many tasks. Similarly, large capacity storage was also only available on PCs, meaning they were the only place you needed to go to look for whatever files you desired.

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Meditation is not escaping from your emotions. It’s looking them dead in the eye for what they are. It’s observing them and understanding them completely.
I think that is one of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that it distances your from your thoughts and emotions. It’s actually the complete opposite. You began to know yourself better than you ever have.
This Batman comic always made sense to me.

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Your battle, their battle

Destroying ourselves

That which is barely seen, or only faintly visible
is nonetheless real:
there is a hidden wholeness to everything:
just wait for the light to change,
and all will be revealed. 

Diane Walker

So people in the Star Wars universe prevent droids from obtaining individuality and agency by regularly hitting their reset buttons. Sort of like giving a human being an amnesia-inducing concussion every time they show signs of an emerging personality.

Emily Asher-Perrin

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