So much of what we see in what’s around us
is simply a reflection
of our own thoughts and projections…

Diane Walker


Linguistically, Belgium is complicated. The country is wedged between France, The Netherlands, and Germany. And so Belgians speak versions of French, Dutch, and German, depending on where they live in the country.

Nikhil Sonnad


We take advantage of Damasio’s visit to Spain during the launching of his last book , The Strange Order Of Things, to meet him in La Pedrera and talk about his many and diverse interests. Cinema, literature, memory, philosophy and –obviously- emotions show up while we talk with a Damasio fond of Shakespeare’s, Proust’s, Hitchcock’s and Welles’ work. Especially Welles. Because the answers to many of his questions cannot be found only in labs. Quite often, cinema, like literature or music, can give us a more accurate portrait of human emotion that any scientific study.

José Valenzuela


Politics, in a civil society, fundamentally relies on arguments and persuasion. To pass tax cut legislation will require changing the minds of some of the people who don’t want taxes cut. To take marijuana off of the criminal drug schedule will require persuading some of those who think it should remain there. To pass open-carry gun laws will involve convincing some who are opposed to people packing heat in Wal-Mart that it’s not such a terrible idea after all. There is no and never will be a political party or group whose views on everything enjoys majority support and will do so in perpetuity, which means that at some point, in order to get what one wants, one will have to persuade someone who doesn’t want it.

Daniel A. Kaufman


Today, orange juice is associated with a complete breakfast but only because of new economic developments. A century ago, orange juice came from your orange. Market conditions have recently motivated economic powers to reshape our thinking since there are only so many whole oranges the country can eat. Many more oranges can be sold and consumed in the form of juice concentrate. Shipping and preserving got easier too. When you juice a fruit, you remove a lot of things that help us to make use of the food, like the fibre and phytonutrients. Your body can’t process the sugars as well if the rest of the orange is missing. Evolution has not given us the equipment to deal well with just isolated juice. The human body takes longer than the market to adapt to new conditions.

Joseph LaPorte