Multiple minds

In every age men have tried to asemble all then knowledge and experience of their day into a single whole which would explain their relation to the universe and their possibilities in it. In the ordinary way they could never succeed. For the unity of things is not realisable by the ordinary mind, in an ordinary state of consciousness. The ordinary mind, refracted by the countless and contradictory promptings of different sides of human nature, must reflect the world as manifold and confused as is man himself. A unity, a pattern, an all-embracing meaning – if it exists – could only be discerned or experienced by a different kind of mind, in a different state of consciousness. It would only be realisable by a mind which had itself become unified.

Rodney Collin in The Theory of Celestial Influence

Cultivate joy

Plea­sure can increase your joy. Peo­ple spend lots of time on things that make them unhap­py. To cul­ti­vate joy, pay atten­tion to what you like.

Annie Kagan

The way of the past Influence

Our lives are cre­at­ed through each moment. Debra Moffitt


The box of boxes

Never teach something just because I told you to teach it. Teach what you know to be true, teach what feels right in your heart. As mentioned by

Lauren Wessinger

It’s amazing how much courage it takes to just let it be what it is.

Diane Walker

Words not spoken.

 golden lotus lakeImage by linh.ngan on flickr

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