Why do many problems in life seem to stubbornly stick around, no matter how hard people work to fix them? It turns out that a quirk in the way human brains process information means that when something becomes rare, we sometimes see it in more places than ever.

David Levari


When we let go of the continual construction of a self or even the need to be a “somebody,” then we are free to be who we are.

Michael Stone | The Inner Tradition of Yoga


As long as that cultural coercion exists, so will dubious diets.

Katherine Ellen Folley


I came to realize that ideologies had a narrative structure – that they were stories, in a word – and that the emotional stability of individuals depended upon the integrity of their stories.

Robin Hanson


Even as one blossom fades,
Another’s on its way.
Something’s always dying or being born.

Diane Walker