From wholeness to separation

Wounds are part of us, but they are separating experiences. Wounds move us away from wholeness to separation. Wounding happens, it’s part of living, learning, growing and being human. We can’t avoid wounds, nor do we want to. We can become wiser about allowing wounds, but the road to that wisdom goes through certain life events that have wholeness hidden in them.

Pamir Kiciman

 end of the same day!Image by Marilylle Soveran on flickr

Frozen electrons

There was no reason for any of us to be bored as we had full individual terminal service. People are so used to the computer net today that it is easy to forget what a window to the world it can be… and I include myself. One can grow so canalized in using a terminal only in certain ways… paying bills, making telephonic calls, listening to news bulletins… that one can neglect its richer uses. If a subscriber is willing to pay for the service, almost anything can be done at a terminal that can be done out of bed.

Live music? I could punch in a concert going on live in Berkeley this evening, but a concert given ten years ago in London, its conductor long dead, is just as “live,” just as immediate, as any listed on today’s program. Electrons don’t care. Once data of any sort go into the net, time is frozen. All that is necessary is to remember that all the endless riches of the past are available any time you punch for them.

Robert A. Heinlein in Friday. 1982.

Fountain by ecstaticist, on FlickrImage by ecstaticist on flickr
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