Out of touch

In our modern society, it has become apparent that the power-based  world — the world of politics, government, and international finance that  influences all of us — has been absolutely hypnotized and driven crazy by  words and by thoughts. We have become slaves to recurring patterns in an  endless stream of words. Our political leaders talk incessantly about our  many problems, but it’s as if they’re speaking a foreign language one might  call “memorandese.” Almost everyone has had the experience of watching a  political debate and wondering afterward what on earth the candidates were  talking about. To some degree, all civilized people are out of touch with real-  it’s because we fail to distinguish between the way things are and the way  they are described. For politicians this dichotomy has reached extreme pro-  portions, but it affects everyone. We confuse money, which is an abstraction, with real wealth; we confuse the idea of who we are with the actual  experience of our organic existence. 

Mark Watts  |  Still the Mind: an Introduction of Meditation

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