Don’t crash the plane

My first reaction to my friends question was what was meant by “meditation?”  I’ve been speaking and writing about this word “meditation,” for years, complaining that the word meditation is and was being used to mean so many different things that the word is almost useless.  The best I can make of it in a general sense is that when someone says they meditate, they mean they sometimes do something with their mind that they consider special.  Then an enormous variety occurs in terms of what they actually do.  One of the most common uses, however, is meditation means you get into a very relaxed and calm state of mind.  Body relaxed, mind thinking little or nothing, emotions calm, feeling good.  But if your current situation requires very complex (and hopefully well-trained!) and fast reactions or you die, focusing on calmness may indeed kill you.  Don’t try to land your airplane while trying to induce that state!

Charles T. Tart

One of the things I like about Charles T. Tart are the words he use: simple and clean ones. His concepts are so lucid that you feel he really knows what he is talking about.

The Soft Darkness Image by ecstaticist on flickr

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