Cultivate relationships

The notion of “humanity” as a form of transcendence derives, I think, from the conviction that intellectuality possesses an absolute power, from the demand that our best behavior depends on our ability to think abstractly, in terms of a universal rule, about something called humanity, that we need to understand humanity abstractly so that we can act responsibly towards those who represent it. But it seems to me perfectly possible to act humanely towards other beings, whether humans or animals or plants. One simply has to learn how to behave. To behave “humanely” it is perfectly possible to do without the notion of “humanity.” Language has multiple uses, and is embedded, as Wittgenstein pointed out, in different forms of life. It is not necessary to have this grand concept of “humanity” in order to behave decently.

Talal Asad

What is real can never be fully taken away; its essence always remains. David Whyte

To me, one of the most revealing things about a person’s character is how well he or she deals with setbacks and misfortune, and how they treat the people around them during those times. Maggie McQuaid in Quora

Consider this:
that the obstacles we encounter,
and the creativity we expend working around them —
that balance that we choose to strike
between the wildness we allow into our lives
and the chaos that we hold at bay…
could it be this that gives our world
such character and charm? Diane Walker

When you transform your consciousness into divine consciousness so that you feel for everyone else’s well-being as you feel for yourself, when all the world becomes your greater self, you will become completely dissociated from the sufferings of your little body. You will behold creation as a sort of dramatic experience in which nothing can hurt you. Paramahansa Yogananda

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