Change the driver

What are the underlying emotions of being irritated in traffic, for example? Lack of control, helplessness, anger, frustration – to name a few. Are there other aspects of your life that you feel this way? Chances are, one of these emotions might be a chronic negative emotional pattern for you. This is when you begin to see that it has nothing to do with the traffic. It never did. The traffic is just a consequence, a mirror, to what you are already feeling and vibrating. This is a powerful realization.

Leveraging Thought

Flying raptorImage by Tambako The Jaguar on flickr

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  1. I agree. I notice that often, when something is getting the best of me, there’s a real root problem and I’m just seeing the symptom showing itself in different forms. So many people like to use band aids, but I like to find the root thought pattern that got the best of me in the first place.

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