Change of mind

The word translated throughout the New Testament as “repentance” is in the Greek “meta-noia” which means change of mind. The Greek particle “meta” is found in several words of comparatively ordinary usage, such as metaphor, metaphysics, metamorphosis. Let us take metaphor; it means transference of meaning. To speak metaphorically is to speak beyond the literal words, to carry over or beyond and so transfer the meaning of what is said beyond the words used. Metaphysics, again, refers to the study of what is beyond purely observable physical science, such as the study of the nature of being or the theory of knowledge or the fact of consciousness. Metamorphosis is used to describe the transformation of form in insect life, the transformation of a grub into a butterfly — a transference or transformation of structure into an entirely new structure, into something beyond. The particle “meta” therefore indicates transference, or transformation, or beyondness. The other part of this word translated as repentance — noia — is from the Greek words “nous”.

Rebeca Nottingham | Fourth Way Teachings

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