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Five minutes a day



Most of us are lucky in that we have more agency in our lives than we may realize. If we do nothing but try to manage well what we do have control over, we’ll find that we have more control than we think. This realization makes it easier to deal with the things we actually can’t control.

Catherine Burns


Joseph Campbell


Being attentive to what’s going on around us and where we fit in is indeed an element of our basic mindfulness.

Barry Choice


Lone tree Lake Wanaka. NZWhat is the earliest event that you can remember? How old do you think you are in this memory? How do you experience the memory? Is it vivid or vague? Positive or negative? Are you re-experiencing the memory as it originally happened, through your own eyes, or are you watching yourself “acting” in the memory?

Lucy V Justice, Martin Conway & Shazia Akhtar