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They were mirrors, their images of themselves reflections of the significant people in their lives. They derived their importance from the services they rendered, survived by killing off their expectations in inches, and then one day woke up mad as hell.

Patricia Cornwell | All that Remains

General ideas

It was said that conscience is ‘an emotional understanding of the truth about oneself in one particular instance“. Everything lies in this present prompting. This is why all general ideas about conscience are so dangerous—they can easily help to keep it more asleep than ever.

Rodney Collin | The Theory of Conscious Harmony


Ask yourself sincerely: What do I want? Try to answer without self-criticism or sentiment. Learn to have confidence in the indications of conscience. When you have found in yourself a place of strength and security, guard it and establish yourself there.

Rodney Collin | The Theory of Consciouness Harmony


Evidently at a certain point, in order to find one’s way, it is absolutely essential to find conscience. No amount of guidance, no amount of obedience, can take its place. And strangely, guidance, taken in the wrong way, can even prevent conscience waking up. If he can touch or at least make it stir a little, conscience can show a man what is right and wrong for him in each particular emergency. It divides everything into right and wrong for him.

Rodney Collin | The Theory of Conscious Harmony

A little bourbon

“Damn. Bet she had deer,” Marino said as we wandered around back. “Something, huh? You look out your windows, think you got the world to yourself. Bet the view’s something when it snows. Me, I’d love a crib like this. Build a nice fire in the winter, pour yourself a little bourbon, and just look out at the woods. Must be nice to be rich.”

“Especially if you’re alive to enjoy it.”

Patricia Cornwell | Body of Evidence