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Sensory input

As I passed walls of drawers inside a dimly lit, crowded corridor, the sounds of people levels below looking at the great stuffed elephant faded. I began to feel claustrophobic. I remembered being so desperate for sensory input after eight hours of class inside this place that when I finally escaped at the end of the day, crowded sidewalks were welcome, the noise of traffic a relief.

Patricia Cornwell | All That Remains



I really could not remember exactly what had been said or explain what had gone wrong. We fought when we weren’t sure what we were fighting about until the focus became our injuries and not the differences that had caused them.

Patricia Cornwell | All That Remains


A little defensive strategy was in order. Criminals who escape apprehension are not perfect but lucky. They make mistakes. All of them do. The problem is recognizing the errors, realizing their significance, and determining what was intentional and what was not.

Patricia Cornwell | All That Remains


They were mirrors, their images of themselves reflections of the significant people in their lives. They derived their importance from the services they rendered, survived by killing off their expectations in inches, and then one day woke up mad as hell.

Patricia Cornwell | All that Remains

General ideas

It was said that conscience is ‘an emotional understanding of the truth about oneself in one particular instance“. Everything lies in this present prompting. This is why all general ideas about conscience are so dangerous—they can easily help to keep it more asleep than ever.

Rodney Collin | The Theory of Conscious Harmony