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Amazing Tree On The Earth - Video WorldHow could this happen in the US, you might ask? It’s simple. The US doesn’t treat its own children well, let alone children who come from other countries.

Annabelle Timsit


As long as that cultural coercion exists, so will dubious diets.

Katherine Ellen Folley


_MG_5083No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.

Yogi Berra


Politics, in a civil society, fundamentally relies on arguments and persuasion. To pass tax cut legislation will require changing the minds of some of the people who don’t want taxes cut. To take marijuana off of the criminal drug schedule will require persuading some of those who think it should remain there. To pass open-carry gun laws will involve convincing some who are opposed to people packing heat in Wal-Mart that it’s not such a terrible idea after all. There is no and never will be a political party or group whose views on everything enjoys majority support and will do so in perpetuity, which means that at some point, in order to get what one wants, one will have to persuade someone who doesn’t want it.

Daniel A. Kaufman

True bet

I’m gonna start a website called “How do you Know it’s not True?” dot com, if someone hasn’t, and the first story I’ll have in it is about how the Australians have a secret program for cross breeding humans with kangaroos to make a human-kangaroo hybrid soldier. The hybrid leaping/shooting soldier will have a partner, a Mini-me sized midget in a kangaroo “pocket” with his own gun for additional firepower.

John Shirley