Emotions too have grooves. As with mental grooves, emotional ones are also like well-worn paths. We cycle the same emotions over and over. We’re on a hamster wheel of thoughts. Thoughts and emotions feed each other. We live within stories we’ve created and some we’ve inherited. Stories are important. They give us a sense of place, belonging and continuity. They can also restrict and limit. Stories can be rewritten. But before that’s possible emotions have to be understood. First, they have a magnetic quality which means similar emotions clump together. Emotions can self-attract within a person or from person to person. That’s why a family, group of people, a community or a habitat can have certain emotional tones. Pamir Kiciman

Calatrava.spadesImage by Josef Stuefer on flickr

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  1. Lovely post. I have also heard of Emotional Intelligence or EQ which is the ability to be aware of our own emotions, for the purpose of self-awareness, using this emotional awareness as a means of guiding our own thinking and behavior. Interesting topic!

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