Absolute security

A man who is blind to danger is an idiot, there is something wrong with him. But one does not see the danger of these illusions in which one seeks security. The man in whom intelligence is in operation sees the danger. In that intelligence there is absolute security. Thought has created all the various forms of illusion – nationalities, class, different gods, different beliefs, different dogmas, different rituals and the extraordinary religious superstitions that pervade the world – and in them it has sought security. And one does not see the danger of this security, of this illusion. When one sees the danger – not as an idea but as an actual fact – that seeing is intelligence, the supreme form of absolute security. So there is absolute security: it is to see the truth in the false.

Jiddu Khrisnamurti | Brockwood Park 1979

Balanced Rock

Image by Arches National Park @ flickr.com

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