The zen note

Zazen is good training, and it develops certain abilities that are useful for fiction writing: for example, the ability to sustain focus and concentration; or the ability to tune in to one’s body and mind and to pay attention to intuition; or the ability to notice what’s causing remorse and suffering.

Ruth Ozeki


Trio by ecstaticist, on FlickrImage by ecstaticist on flickr


It took humans millions of years of evolution and thousands of years of study to turn nothing into something. Ancient civilizations had various number systems, but it wasn’t until the seventh century AD that absence gained a presence in the Indian-origin numerical scheme we use today, becoming the mathematical concept “zero,” initially represented by a dot.

Bees, it seems, are able to grasp this abstraction, too. And increasingly it appears that other creatures get the difficult notion of nothingness as well.

Ephrat Livni

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