A more of less superficial layer of the unconscious is undoubtedly personal. I call it the personal unconscious. But this personal unconscious rests upon a deeper layer, which does not derives from personal experience and it is not a personal acquisition. This deeper layer I call the collective unconscious.

I have chose then term “collective” because this part of the unconscious is not individual but universal; in contrast to the personal psyche, it has contents and modes of behaviour that are more or less the same everywhere and in all individuals. It is, in another words, identical in all men and thus constitues a common substrate of a suprapersonal nature which is present in every one of us.

C. G. Jung | The Archetypes And The Collective Unconscious (pages 3 to 5)

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two_dollarsLet me start with the two most important facts in the discussion about the global environment. First, half the people on the planet live on less than $2 and change per day. That’s why I said having your house mortgage underwater is a “First World Problem”. People living on $2 per day don’t have house mortgages—most of them don’t own houses, or much of anything beyond a few rags of clothing. Willis Eschenbach

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