Carry your own drum

I once went to a yoga class where, for the last five min­utes before savasana the teacher instruct­ed the class to prac­tice what­ev­er poses they chose. As bod­ies began to move freely and unique­ly, the instruc­tor com­ment­ed:

Notice how it’s pos­si­ble for us to all move dif­ferent­ly in the same space.

Her words sunk in deep as I moved hon­or­ing my own pace, needs, and breath. The entire room seemed to be a mov­ing metaphor for our world.

Monique Minahan

The way we move (mindmap)
You can call me ”Ray” by SammCox, on FlickrImage by SammCox_on_flickr

Cash, please

THERE are 20m refugees worldwide, most of them children. Some 1.6m Syrians live in Lebanon; even more in Turkey. Humanitarian agencies struggle to meet their basic needs. In July the World Food Programme (WFP) cut assistance to refugees across the Middle East, saying that its regional operation was 81% underfunded. One way to make scarce aid money go further, argues a report* released this month by the Overseas Development Institute and the Centre for Global Development (CGD), two think-tanks, is for donors to give less in kind and more in cash.

The Economist

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