Random, please

randomSnake Mandala by EBalance at DeviantArt

The findings also suggest a disconnect between evolution at the genetic level and at the level of the whole organism. Genetic mutations occur mostly at random, yet the sum of these aimless changes somehow creates a predictable pattern. The distinction could prove valuable, as much genetics research has focused on the impact of mutations in individual genes. For example, researchers often ask how a single mutation might affect a microbe’s tolerance for toxins, or a human’s risk for a disease. But if Desai’s findings hold true in other organisms, they could suggest that it’s equally important to examine how large numbers of individual genetic changes work in concert over time.

Emily Singer

The Ding Meditation

One thing I like to do is set a timer to go off once an hour. I set a reminder on my phone, and after sixty minutes it will go “ding!” No matter what I am working on I am reminded to raise my gaze, connect with my posture, and meditate for a minute. I don’t set a timer for that part of the process, I just practice for what feels like a minute or two then reset the timer and go back to work.

Lodro Rinzel

True self

It took me three years to finally wake up. Three years to finally realize that I must accept every part of me in order to live the life I want. Negative emotions continue to build up when we cannot accept ourselves for who we really are, and burying our emotions is no different to avoiding our true self.