Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight… The doctor’s theory was that, in modern life, our ancient fight-or-flight mechanism was being triggered too frequently—in traffic jams, meetings with our bosses, etc.—and that this was contributing to the epidemic of heart disease. Even if the confrontations were themselves minor, our bodies didn’t know that; they reacted as if they were in kill-or-be-killed scenarios, releasing toxic stress chemicals into the bloodstream. The doctor had done studies showing that meditation could reverse the effects of stress and lower blood pressure—which the hypochondriac in me found deeply appealing.

Dan Harris in 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story

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Building a mistery

Youtube – Sarah McLachlan – Building a mistery

“Building a Mystery” is a song by Sarah McLachlan, from her multi-platinum album Surfacing, first released in 1997. At a live performance, Sarah explains the song as being

basically about the fact that we all… have insecurities to hide, and we often do that by putting on a facade.

She also goes on to say that

unfortunately, if we just be who we are, that’s usually the more attractive and beautiful thing


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ListenLove is a cloying word. And as a verb implies action. Love is a concept. Being loved is  passive.

Too much trouble. Linda Newlin has got it much more clear. I read her article this afternoon and in the evening I came across with the movie Pretty Woman. And it’s always nice to see Julia Roberts. In one of the stops for publicity, I started with the laptop and the bookmark of Newlin’s article magically appeared. Minutes later I heard Richard Gere saying in the film:

but I want you to understand…

I heard everything you said.

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NeutrinoYoga is a way to connect to your soul. The irony is that it starts doing it through the body and breath. It is like stepping into the depths of the earth to watch the sky. Physicists do the same thing for neutrinos. They build large pools in deep and remote locations trying to catch them. It seems absurd but neutrino dislikes relationships.
The mind, however, is social by nature. The chatter becomes the landscape and ends up dominating the kingdom until we forget that we have a soul and we need a microscope to look for it  … to no avail. Neutrinos like swimming in pools, as we into silence.

The danger of yoga


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Are they different?

Are they different?We are the bird or the air. Why cannot we be both?
Either it is present or eternity. Are they different?
Thinking is not meditating. Are you sure?
Words are not images neither sounds. They are just letters. Why are so important then?
There are worldly pleasures and others sacred. How do you recognize them?
If it is useful, it is not art.
You’re either the nature or inside it, there is no middle ground.
You’re either in the center or on the surface. The rest are words.
Here or there aren’t concepts but states.

Living in the moment

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