Muddy Waters

Do it youself

The muddy swimming pool

Vipassana teaches one to be continuously aware of one’s interior experience, through physical sensations, and not react, by understanding its true nature (this is the most important), by understanding that whatever happens is bound to change (e.g. anxiety emotion). Our problems come from not knowing what is happening in the deep recesses of our mind. Vipassana teaches you to look, to observe, and to understand the true nature of whatever comes up. By seeing for yourself the REAL cause of anxiety, in real time, slowly, you come out of it. True, it takes a long time to be fully liberated, but you can get out of the more acute states, the more painful ones, quite rapidly.



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Common sense

On a beautiful Pittsburgh morning in 1995, McArthur Wheeler decided to rob a bank. Not just one bank, but two. McArthur had a secret plan, one that he thought would make him exceptionally successful. It involved something very sour, a lemon.

Sean Sergio




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